Childcare: The First Years

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To Nanny or Not to Nanny?

A.D. asks from Minneapolis

I just came back to work after having #3. My kids have always attended a Daycare Center and I’ve been happy with that. The cost for three children, however, is like...


Nanny Vs. Daycare

A.G. asks from Detroit

I am considering hiring a nanny for my 2 girls (4 mo and 3 yrs) when I go back to work. What is the going rate for a nanny these days? Pros/cons of having a nanny vs....


Daycare vs Nanny for 6 Month Old

M.D. asks from Washington DC

Dear moms, I am wondering whether to send my baby to daycare vs keep her at home with a nanny when she turns 6 months old. She is currently 9 weeks old, and when sh...


Worried -Care of My Girls

T.I. asks from Sacramento

My daughters' grandfather has been taking care of them (I have two girls) while I work full time. He was great for the first few years but now I am having alot of co...


Two Questions About Summer Child Care

L.L. asks from Chicago

I could use some "Mommie" advise on summer child care for my 5 year old daughter and son who is turning 1 this Thursday. For background information, I work from home ...


Day Care Provider and TV

C.T. asks from Sacramento

Our 3 month old daughter recently started day care with a lovely lady with great recommendations who looks after just one other child so ours gets lots of attention a...


Choosing Day Care

A.D. asks from Great Falls

My daughter is four months old, I spent 13 weeks at home with her before returning to work, and my husband has been home for 5. He only has 6 more weeks left before h...


White School District, Bi-racial Child

K.E. asks from Reading

My oldest daughter is ready to start kindergarten. She is very highly sensitive child, and is very shy, likely due to the fact that she went through hell her first 3...


Spring Photos for School? What For?

S.H. asks from Honolulu

Hi all, So this year, unlike other years, my Daughter's school is doing 'Spring Photos. By the company Life Touch No I am not hawking them. ...


11 Year Old Girl Stealing, Lying, Failing School and Fighting with All Friends

S.M. asks from Nashville

THE QUESTION: As a step-mother, what can I do to help my 11 year-old girl deal with issues such as stealing possessions from our house that she has no use for, lying ...