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Math for 4 Year Old

My son, who is now 4, has always loved numbers since before he was a year old. He loves counting to anything he does - counting going up & down stairs, his toys, stars at night…you name it. For Christmas I bought him the Leap Frog Go Fish game which is letters but also a Math board game is included. My son LOVES it and wants to play it all the time!!! I think it's a new fascination because he's already somewhat reading simple books(knows all his sight words) and can write so math is like a whole new world! He is now doing simple math...

Preschool & Head Start

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Preschooler at Home Not Motivated!

I'm very new here, so first - Hello! I am a mom who is homeschooling my 5th grader (just this year), have a 4 year old preschooler at home as well as a 2 month old. My first daughter did great at home for preschool and as all kids are different in their learning styles, my second daughter is challenging me! Do you have any ideas or free/cheap curriculum for preschoolers that need extra motivation? (BTW-she is my little creative butterfly who enjoys music, singing, drawing, etc.) Thanks


Pre-K Or No Pre-K?

What is everyone's opinion of doing a year of Pre-K before starting...

Social Skills

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4 Year Old Always Says "I'm a Good Boy"

Hi there... this is totally new to me... so please be patient. I have recently started babysitting my 4 year old godson. My issue is that he is CONSTANTLY saying things like "I'm a good boy" when I am punishing my 4 year old as well as other kids I babysit. He has done this type of thing for as long as I can remember. Even when he was just 2. He is always repeating himself, like for example... for fighting this morning I took the boys fav teddy bears away for a set amount of time. My son got mad... but my godson says (about every 5 mins or...