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Seek Moms on South Side of Chicago

Good Morning, I have an ordeal, I need to get my two children 9 and 11 into a school. I withdrew them from their current school at the end of this pass school term. The school is an awful academic institution. The children are disobediant, fight, curse and talk back to the teachers and other adult persons. The assistant principal does not enforce the school codes, many times he just stands around and watches the children. The teachers they they have spends more time complaining than teaching, and God forbid is they don't like your...


Skipping a Grade

I am faced with the decision of letting my 7 year (1st Grade) old skip the...

Sick Child Care

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My 7 Year Old Is Always Sick in the Mornings

My 7 year old daughter is sick every morning. If she sleeps in on the weekends and other times she is fine, but each school day when we get up her stomach hurts and she often throws up before leaving for school. All through breakfast she picks at her food and sometimes the smell of food makes her sick. It is almost like morning sickness. This past summer she was in the hospital for two weeks because her appendix had been leaking and caused a huge infection which had to be treated with super strong antibiotics. At the time I thought...

Social Skills

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Advice I Can Give My Friend

Do you tell your children everything about an ailing grandparent and their health? Meaning is it my responsibility to let Lauren Darin and Cathryn(my friends children) know each up to the minute report on Mom even if it is better or even if it is worse? How much protection should we give our kids who are already living in a tough and difficult world? My children are 23 18 and 12. Help for my friend would be great! Thank you. E.