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Slumber Party for 6 Year Old + Worried Mom = Dilemma

the daughter of the 'cookie mom' in my girlscout group is having a sleepover to celebrate the girls making their cookie goals. First they will be having pizza, then going to the circus (which starts at 7pm), then back to the house to 'sleep'. I am going with for pizza and the circus, to help the 'cookie mom' and her husband watch over the girls. A few of the other moms have decided to go with to the circus as well. I am concerned about the sleepover part. It seems like they will be getting home late and will be overtired from the circus. My...


Strong Willed Child

Help!!! Can anyone else relate?? I have a 28 month old little boy who I...


Phineas & Ferb

Do you let your kids watch Phineas & Ferb? My son's 5 year old friend was...

Sick Child Care

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Dr. Bob Sears and Being a Cash Please

I am strongly considering Dr Bob Sears for a big of a pain in the xxxx is being a cash client? Is it worth it to see a great pediatrician? What is your experience with doing the billing yourself?