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Kid with Not-so-severe Allergy Being Separated at School Lunch

A little background: when my son was a year old he got hives around his mouth after eating a bunch of French toast. I gave him Benadryl and washed him off...he was fine in 20 minutes. I took him to an allergist and my son tested positive for eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. At 2 yrs old, the allergist ordered a blood test, which came back negative for everything. I was thrilled...thought he could start eating those items. Nope. Allergist said blood test really just says he is likely to grow out of the allergies or that they aren't that severe....

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My 5 Year Old Has Excema

My 5 year old daughter has excema. When she was an infant, it was so bad that she has scratches all over her face. She was reffered to a determatologist. He gave me some cream w/a prescription in it. This does not help her at all. We have controlled the dryness on her scalp by using T-gel ut her skin is still very dry. Last time we couldn't control the dryness, the doctor put her on steriods for 7 days. I hate the fact that the only way to help her skin is to put her on steriods. I have heard lots of bad thing about steriods. The doctor...


Sick of My Skin!

Anyone has any ideas or products that work well for acne? I had a lot of...