Childcare Expenses: The First Years

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Question for Moms Who Work Full Time Work Outside the House

C.S. asks from Miami

We have two children. My husband wants to try for #3. I don't know any other moms who work full time outside the house who have three children. If we had two in da...


Do Costs Get Any Easier After They Leave Daycare?

B.D. asks from Wichita

Hello ladies, We've got 2 young children in daycare full time and it's costing us a fortune (about $12K year, low cost of living and pay area). We have had to make...


Moms of Singletons

C.B. asks from Kansas City

just wondering if anyone else out there is a mom of one, and wants to stay that way? i admire all you women out there who have several children, or want a bigger fami...


Too Old to Move Home?

C.P. asks from San Francisco

So I basically know I'm going to lose my job in 90 days. My manager told me. I'm thankful for the opportunity to have the position I've been in and I've had a good ru...


Hasn't It Been Long Enough???

I.C. asks from Columbus

Hi Moms, It is really hard for me to share this, but I have to tell somebody. We have been in a financial mess for over three years now. I am just about at ...


College Savings 101

M.M. asks from Chicago

As my girls get older, I can't help but worry about college expenses for 2 girls. What are your plans for college financing? How many kids do you have? Are you put...


Seeking Suggestions to Help Me Live in an Unhappy Marriage

M.J. asks from Chicago

I am hoping some of you might have some good suggestions for me. My husband and I have been married for 5+ years and have a toddler. As time has gone on, I have com...


Affording It All

J.V. asks from Chicago

It's that time of year when I do our 5 year financial plan, take a look at our long term financial health, and figure out our current priorities. Well, I just did ...


Mother-in-law Issues

J.F. asks from Rochester

Hi ladies, I'm hoping you have some advice on this. I'm at my wits end here. My husband and I have talked about this repeatedly, but nothing is changing. My mother...


Income Tax Prep...Help!

E. asks from Phoenix

Hi All! We have been having our taxes prepared for us for the last five years at least. The CPA does federal and state, we have a W-2's, own our home, rental property...