Childcare Expenses: Infant

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How Much to Pay Childcare Provider

S.H. asks from Chicago

I am trying to find information on how much to pay my child care provider. My son is 6 months old and will be starting at a woman's home in a couple weeks. She has ...


Childcare Expenses and Taxes

N.K. asks from Chicago

When I return to work this fall (I'm a teacher) my 6 month old son will be staying in our home with a babysitter. I "assumed" that the money we will be paying the bab...


Looking for Advice on Childcare in Chicago, IL

R.Y. asks from Chicago

I am very concerned about childcare after the maternity leave. I do not have family in the city and I make too much for state aid but not enough for a nanny. Please...


Ideas to Cut Back Expenses to Be Able to Be a Stay at Home Mom

A.P. asks from San Angelo

I have a 17 month and a 2 and 3/4 year old. My two year old is in daycare and my baby has a nanny. The nanny will be starting school and when my baby is 18 months he ...


In Home Childcare

E.G. asks from Canton

I have been caring for a friends daughter, she is 4 years old. I used to work in a daycare center, so I am a certified childcare provider. I am currently caring for m...


To Have That Third Baby or Not?

K.L. asks from Cleveland

My husband and I have gone back and forth about a third baby for a long time, usually with me wanting one and him not. I finally gave up on the idea a few months ago...


Wanting Another Baby but No Daycare.....

S.O. asks from Seattle

Here is my dilemma, my mom is my daycare for my almost 2 year old daughter. My hubby and I are talking about having another baby but my mom had mentioned to me a whil...


Housekeeper Bringing Baby

D.S. asks from Houston

Wanted to get some feedback on this situation. Our housekeeper comes twice a week for 51/2 hours. She is reliable and never missed a day. We pay her whether we're her...


Can't Get People to Pay on Time for Childcare. What Would You Do?

D.F. asks from St. Louis

I take care of children. My policy is payments are due on the first of the week (Monday) most of the family's have no problem with this. However I have one family who...


One Baby or Two?

H.S. asks from Johnson City

Hi Mommies! I'm feeling conflicted about whether or not to expand our family. Here's some background information: I am a stay-at-home mother of a 16-month-old todd...