Child: The First Years

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Does My Child Have ADHD

M.M. asks from Omaha

We are having so many problems with our 7 year old. He will not listen and does other things when he should be doing hiswork. I have been working hand in hand with ...


Only Child

M.M. asks from Washington DC

My three year old son is always talking about his friends, having friends over, how he wishes he had a brother or sister (or cat)... I worry about him being an only c...


Seeking Moms Whose Child Has Had Sinus Surgery

R.H. asks from Dallas

I am seeking any moms out there that their small child has had sinus surgery. Our ENT is stating that our 5 year old needs sinus surgery to open up her sinuses as th...


What Made You Decide to Have a Third Child?

J.H. asks from Seattle

I am a mother of 2 daughters and am contemplating adding a third and final child to our family. We would be extremely happy to welcome another child into our life. I ...


Moms with More than 1 Child

A.E. asks from Des Moines

I was wondering if you could plan out when to space out having children what would be your ideal amount of time you want them spaced out? Since I am a mom of 1 we ...


Planning a 2Nd Child

D.R. asks from Philadelphia

Our firstborn just turned 1, and we're starting to talk about #2! Just wanted some feedback from parents with kids 2 years apart and 3 years apart. I know every chi...


5 Year Old Gaggling, Yawning

K.M. asks from San Francisco

Hello, When my son was born He was diagnosed colicky baby. For his first 2 years of life He seemed always upset, crying all the time, voracious about food, const...


Advice on Having 3Rd Child

L.E. asks from Dallas

Seeking advice from other mothers who've been in my situation. I am a full-time working mom with 2 beautiful daughters (one is almost 5 and the other is 20 months). ...


Can a Second Child Put a Family "Over the Edge?"

A.D. asks from San Francisco

I am happily married to my husband and we have a sweet, easy-going 5 year old daughter. We are a happy trio and are blessed in many ways. For years, I have wanted t...


Benefits of Having an Only Child?

J.S. asks from Detroit

I'm looking for advice from anyone that has an only child. My husband is adamant about only having one child and giving him the best future possible. I am not compl...