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How to Tell 5-Year-old That We're Losing Her Grandpa..

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

Hi helpful mamas... You always have such great advice for me... today I am beside myself. For the past couple of years my Dad has been battling cancer. He lives half...


Expected Behavior for a 6 Year Old

C.S. asks from San Diego

We recently went on a day trip with our friends who have a 6 year old. His behavior took me by surprise/shock but I want to find out whether it is appropriate behavio...


Wii Games for 6 Year Old

M.M. asks from St. Louis

Hello Mamas! My son will be turning 6 years old. We are planning to get him a Wii game for his birthday. Right now all we have is the sports package that came with ...


5-Year-old Said Something Hurtful

A.G. asks from Bangor

This is such a long and complicated story...I'll try to keep it short. Tonight I was helping my oldest daughter to bed, brushing her teeth, etc. Now, she is 5, but s...


5 Year Old Just Wants to Argue About Everything!

K.B. asks from Detroit

My daughter has always been a strong-willed but very sweet natured kid, and at 3 and 4 could often be challenge to deal with. Things seemed to even out after she turn...


5 Year Old Not Waking Up

M.G. asks from Kansas City

I have a 5 almost 6 year old boy who is hard to wake up in the mornings. We get up at 7:00 am to get ready for school and I have to fight to get him out of bed! When h...


Question on My 6 Year Old Daughter

K.C. asks from Little Rock

I have a 6 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. My son has always been very hyper and into everything and always getting in trouble. He was recently diagnosed with ...


My Brother Just Found Out He Has a 6-Year Old - How to Tell My Daughter???

A.B. asks from Houston

My brother, who has no children and is not married, just found out that he has a 6-year old, confirmed by paternity test at the courthouse. We will soon be meeting ou...


How Do You Teach a 6 Year Old Not to Steal?

D.Q. asks from Dallas

We've been having issues recently with our 6 year old son taking things that don't belong to him. If he sees it & wants it, he takes it. From school, a friend, the sto...


Need a Gift for 5 Year Old Boy

J.S. asks from Chicago

My BIL recently became engaged to a woman who has 3 kids from a previous marriage. We are getting Christmas gifts for her kids. I am stumped on what to get for her 5...