Child: Snugli

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Going Away for the First Time

K.L. asks from New York

I am heading to FL next week with my 9 month old daughter. It will be just me and my daughter traveling. I am excited, but now starting to feel a little overwhelmed...


Seven Month Old Won't Let Me Leave Her Sight.

T.M. asks from Boston

This is my fourth baby, and this is a new behavior that I didn't really have with the others. My seven month old cries whenever I leave the room...even just to go ...


Baby Wearing

A.P. asks from Birmingham

Hi I loved my maya wrap but my 6 1/2 month old is 23 lbs and is killing my back with the weight distribution. I would love to use a soft carrier back pack like the ...


Needing Recommendations on Baby Slings/pouches

L.O. asks from Kansas City

Hello Again, I am wondering if you can recommend an easy to use and comfortable Baby Sling/pouch. I am wanting something that is easy to use, easy to get baby in/o...


Question About Baby Gear

J.H. asks from Austin

My husband and I are about to head to China to adopt our daughter. She is 22 months old, but small, the size of a year-old baby. We're trying to figure out what kind...


"Entertainment Advice Needed to Do with My 3 1/2 Month Old"

T.R. asks from Miami

I want to know how do I keep my 3 1/2 month old entertained so that I can do other responsibilities without him crying because I'm not holding or playing with him.


What Kind of Baby Carrier Do You Have?

J.R. asks from Harrisburg

Hi! I'm going to have my 2nd child in a few days and I'd really like to get a sling or pouch to carry her around in. I had a snuggli with my first and didn't like i...


Grocery Shopping with Newborn

V.S. asks from Philadelphia

I have a newborn and a preschool aged child. I know you are not supposed to clip the baby car seat on the front of the cart anymore (a child fell off and died). But...


3 Month Old Has a Flat Spot on the Back of Her Head

N.E. asks from Daytona Beach

Has anyone experienced their child having a flat head. Is this something to be concerned about? If anyone has gone through this, please share. Thank you.


Looking for Info Regarding Baby Slings

M.L. asks from New York

I am a 5 weeks away from having my second child. I attempted to use a front infant carrier (Baby Bjorn) for my first child, but he did not really like it and I found ...