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Help with Allergy Med Keeping Child up at Night

M.B. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, my daughter is taking singulair. It helps with her allergies and asthma, however we have noticed that she is not able to fall asleep at night until 11:30 or...


Son with Asthma Has Persistent Croup Sounding Cough?

B.A. asks from Chicago

My son is 3 1/2 and was recently diagnosed with asthma and allergies (outdoor pollens). I have noticed over the past year whenever he comes down with a cold, it is ac...


Allergy/asthma Medication for Kids?

B.W. asks from San Francisco

Hi everyone. Have any of you or your children had any problems with allergy/asthma medication? My son was prescribed Singulair for his allergies when he was about 9...


Question for Moms of Children with Asthma and Eczema...

B.P. asks from Birmingham

My daughter will 3 in July. We have tried many different medications to manage her asthma and eczema. She is currently taking Flovent and Singulair. She saw the aller...


My Son Has an Awful cough....again!

A.G. asks from Dallas

My 3 year old son has an awful cough, sounds almost barky. He had it a few weeks ago and we tried Singulair along with vaporizor and plug ins. Oh, and some Tussin D...


Opinions on Singular for Possible Allergies in Almost 4 Yr Old

N.J. asks from Los Angeles

Finally feel like we're getting somewhere with my oldest son's chronic nose issues. Finally got a dx of a sinus infection today prescribed a 10 day course of antibio...


Help with Asthmatic Child.

D.C. asks from Dallas

I have a 6 year old that has had problems with breathing for a while - I'm at my wits end. Please give me some advice. He has sleep apnea, he seems perfectly fine...


Attitude Change for the Better After Changing Allergy Meds

C.M. asks from Dallas

Hey Moms, Just wondering if anyone has ever noticed their child acting 200% better after changing allergy meds. My daughter has dog, dust and seasonal allergies and ...


Any Natural or Alternative Meds for Seasonal and Indoor Allergies for 6Yr Old

L.C. asks from Chicago

My 6yr old daughter has seasonal and indoor allergies. We have a dog, but she was tested to be only mildly allergic to dogs. They put her on Singulair at night, and A...


4 Year Old Son with Allergies/asthma

T.S. asks from Phoenix

My 4 year old son was recently diagosed with allergies associated with asthma. He gets a persistant cough this time of year and in the fall. The cough sometimes caus...