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Temper Issues with 5 Year Old

A.C. asks from Salt Lake City

My son is 5 years old and in Kindergarten. When we are trying to read his books for the reqiured 20 minutes every night he has a fit when trying to read and is very ...


Help! Singulair Prescribed for My 3 1/2 Year Old.

T.T. asks from Peoria

We took my 3 1/2 yr old son to the doctor yesterday and asked what to give him for his allergies. He has been off and on allergy medicine since he was 6 months old. ...



A.P. asks from Pittsburgh

My 18 month old son was "diagnosed" with season allergies in June of this year. Doctor started him on singulair granules to help with the symptoms. We used them for a...


5 Year Old with Leg Pains

A.B. asks from Tulsa

Hello Ladies, My 5 year-old has been complaining about leg pains her words " My Leg Bones Hurt" I told her like I told my other 4, Baby its just growing pain. It m...


My Son Just Got Prescribed Singulair Anyone Elses Children on This?

A.S. asks from Reading

my son is almost 3 and has terrible allergies with asthma flair ups. He has been "sick" for over a month. with nose issues itchy eyes..asthma and cough that will NOT ...


Use of Nasonex & Singulair in an 1-Year-old

J.B. asks from Dallas

My little boy will be one next month. He has been on a variety of medicines throughout his life, primarily for GERD. We saw an allergist last week to get him teste...


5 Year Old Son Complaining of Seeing Spots

S.C. asks from Sacramento

My 5 year old son came to me last night and said "Mommy do you see all those spots everywhere?". I didn't and questioned him about the spots and he said he was seeing...


5 Year Old Having Complete Meltdowns / Possibly ADHD

M.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone might experience meltdowns... I am not talking like the "he's tired and crabby" meltdown I am talking a fill on fit kicking and screa...


5-Year Old with Eczema?

D.G. asks from Buffalo

My little guy has battled eczema every winter since he was 2. However, it continues to get worse each year and has become so difficult to keep under control. We eve...


Reaction to Taking Pulmicort / Singulair

J.K. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms - My son often takes medication for his chest when the weather turns like this ... generally with allergies. At 4 he is diagnosed with Reactive Airway Dis...