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Recommendations for Kid's Digital Camera

T. asks from Dallas

My son will be five this summer and loves to take pictures. He is actually pretty good, so I would like to be able to print some of the photos he takes. I would pre...


Hey Mommas....Need Help with Christmas Shopping for a 6 Year Old Boy!

C.F. asks from Chicago

Hi there! I am in need of help with creative ideas for Christmas shopping this year. My son just had his birthday Nov 20th so I really have a hard time with this to...


Any Recommendations for a Durable Digital Camera for a Toddler?

M.M. asks from Kansas City

My son likes doing whatever I am doing, including trying to use my camera, so I want to get him his own digital camera for Christmas. I need a good quality camera so ...


Do You Love Your High Chair?

V.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Moms - looking for a high chair for our second child. We have the Fisher-Price space saver from our first boy, however, I am looking to change over to something e...


Gift Suggestions for My Music-loving 2-Year Old

D.J. asks from New York

I'm looking for gift ideas for my daughter's second birthday. She LOVES music. No matter where we are, as soon as she hears any kind of music play - she starts wigg...


Gift for Two Year Old Girl

V.V. asks from Houston

My daughter's birthday is in a couple of weeks at I don't know what to buy for her gift. She has two older brothers ( 6 and 4) and a houseful of "boy toys". She does ...


Which Learning Game System Do You like Best for a 4 Year Old?

H.L. asks from Chicago

We have an almost 4 year old daughter at home who is expecting a baby sister in the next week. We want to have the new baby get her a learning game system that my da...


Good Experiences with Highchairs Anyone?

M.D. asks from New York

I currently have the Spacesaver highchair from Fisher Price. I love it, but my 1 year old daughter has recently gotten her arm stuck in between the "arm" of the chai...


Oh for JOY! I *LOVE* This Toy!

K.M. asks from Chicago

Ok, so love is not the correct word, think opposite. The Fisher-Price Racer POS is a gift given to my son and I thought OH how wonderful, this is great! Until we ho...


Todder Toys Must Haves

F.V. asks from Lancaster

Hello, Just want to know what toys you Moms can't do without for your toddlers! My son is 18mo's and we do everything from bubbles, Gymboree Music and Play classes, ...