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Leapster Explorer Camera or Other Camera for a 6 Year Old

S.K. asks from Dallas

My daughter would love a camera for her birthday. I have looked at several like the Fisher Price and a couple different Vtech cameras. I just found that we can buy ...


Baby Monitors

J.M. asks from Allentown

I am currently due with baby #2. I plan on using baby monitors in both of the childrens rooms. I want to find a monitor that won't interfer with the one I am curren...


Better Kids Camera?

J.S. asks from Philadelphia

If you've happen to have seen both, which do you think is a better camera for a 3 year old: Fisher price kid tough digital camera or the vtech kidizoom digital camera...


What Would You Suggest We Should Buy for Christmas for Our 5 Year Olds?

L.D. asks from Santa Fe

Hi and thanks for looking! We have one boy and one girl who will be 5 next month. We're looking for what to buy for them for Christmas this year. We are planning...


Hanging Mirror in Car - SAFE?

R.Z. asks from Los Angeles

Hi! I just bought the fisher price rain forest hanging mirror for the car to keep my daughter entertained while riding (she doesn't love the car). I am wondering if ...


Exersaucer Vs. Jumperoo

B.H. asks from Minneapolis

Wondering the pro's and con's of a typical exersaucer vs. the fisher price jumperoo and which one you'd buy if you could only buy one? When did your babies start u...


Thinking About the Kids Digital Camaras Out There

C.G. asks from Scranton

I am thinking about getting my son a digital camara for christmas and i know there are a couple different ones out there i was wondering if anyone has them what kind ...


Bouncy Seat

A.C. asks from Los Angeles

I need suggestions for a bouncy seat (or something similar) for my tall son. I have a Fisher Price one right now and I use it all the time (I put him in it next to me...


Recommendations on Travel Boosters/high Chairs

H.E. asks from Colorado Springs

I am wondering if anyone has any portable/travel high chairs or boosters that they just love! I am looking to have a good, versatile chair that we can easily take wit...


Seeking Suggestions on Baby Swings

D.A. asks from Tampa

I have an 18 week old infant. She's absolutely wonderful. However, she will not nap. She's just like her mother :) This past weekend we went to a friend's home an...