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6 Year Old with Constant Cough

S.W. asks from Dallas

I have a 6 yr. old that has been coughing off and on for awhile now. It recently got worse, but it is a dry cough. He gets into these fits of coughing and can't sto...


Can You Take Zyrtec in the Am and Claritin D in the Evening While Pregnant?

C.A. asks from San Francisco

Currently 7 weeks and and a couple days pregnant. Suffering from really bad, bad allergies. I used to take Allegra-D. Once I find out I was pregnant, I've been trying...


6 Year Old with Frequent Croupy Cough at Night

L.S. asks from Hartford

My 6 year old DD has frequent barking croupy coughs at night which can last for hours. She seems to fill with mucus and often coughs until she vomits. When she vomi...


How to handle acne in a 6 year old?

K.K. asks from Minneapolis

My 6 year old daughter seems to have a mild case of acne or some other type of little bumps on her forhead and chin. She also gets black heads in her ears. I have m...


5 Year Old with Runny Nose Going on 2+ Years

B.B. asks from Albany

my child has had this awful clear cloudy runny nose for seems like going on 2 years or more...her dr keeps blowing it off and saying its just a cold..and i do not see...


5 Year Old Daughter with Colds for 8 Weeks.

D.R. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I feel so bad for my daughter. She just started kindergarten and she has had numerous colds for the past 8 weeks. I know it is a cold and not allergies, be...


My 6 Year Old Son Constantly Cleared His Throat for Two Months Since Oct

B.Z. asks from Washington DC

My 6 year old son constantly cleared his throat since October 2014 after a cold/flu. He also has the dry cough, 5 times per day by average, especially in the mornin...


6-Year-old Has Hives

J. asks from Kansas City

It's been an interesting week at my house. First my 6-year-old daughter had a fever on Sat night, Sunday & Monday okay, Tuesday 103 fever. Weds 101 fever, and Thursd...


Transient Dizziness in 6 Year Old

V.C. asks from Providence

hello mamas, am wondering if anyone out there has experience with their children complaining of feeling dizzy? there is no recent fall or head trauma..i spoke with th...


Allergy Relief for 6 Year Olds

A.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi Parents, My 6 year old has season allergies (from my side of the gene pool, alas), and we live in a pollen filled valley. I try to avoid prescriptions when not n...