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Has Anyone Ever Had a 2Yr Old Be Unresponsive While Taking Children's Claritin?

S.H. asks from Washington DC

My 2yr old son has been taking Claritin for 3days now and I got a call from the daycare this morning saying he went limp and unresponsive. They couldn't wake him up s...


Can Long Term Children’s Claritin Cause Diarrhea/belly Ache?

M.K. asks from Honolulu

Hello everyone! My 3YO has been taking Claritin for a little over a month (Children’s oral Claritin) for his eczema. Two weeks ago he had really loose diarrhea stoo...


Snoring 5 Year Old

T.S. asks from Los Angeles

My otherwise really active, kind, funny and healthy 5 year snores like a chainsaw. He shares a room with my other one and the snoring is driving my older one crazy w...


5 Year Old W/chronic Stuffy & Runny Nose

L.N. asks from Chicago

Hi moms! My 5 yr old son has had a stuffy nose for months now. I took him to the doc and found out he had an ear infection and he took a round of antibiotics but hi...


6 Year Old Daughter with Chronic Ear Eczema

A.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi- My nearly 6 year old daughter has had chronic eczema behind her ear since she was 3 years old. We have tried many approaches to heal it: homeopathy (myself throug...


5 Year Old Having Complete Meltdowns / Possibly ADHD

M.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone might experience meltdowns... I am not talking like the "he's tired and crabby" meltdown I am talking a fill on fit kicking and screa...


5 Year Old with Itchy Eyes (Seasonal Allergies) Looking for Relief

T.F. asks from San Francisco

My 5 year old has Seasonal Allergies and her eyes are really bothering her. This isn't unexpected as this happened the last few years but I'm concerned about the int...


6 Year Old Who Has Been Stopped up and Congested for Years

C.R. asks from Raleigh

My 6 year old daughter seems to be stopped up all the time. She seems to have trouble breathing at night when she sleeps(snores loudly and almost gets choked while tr...


6 Year Old with Headaches

J.K. asks from Chicago

My six year old son is complaining more and more frequently of headaches.. their seems to be no pattern to it.. At first I thought he was trying to get out of doing h...


Allergies in 5 Year Old - Medication/side Effects?

A. asks from Chicago

Hi, I think my 5 year old has allergies. As soon as it has warmed up, he has started sneezing randomly and rubbing his eyes. At first it was okay. However, all of ...