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Will She Ever Slow down Her Growth?

S.D. asks from Indianapolis

I have a 5 1/2month old that has always been at the top of the charts for weight and high for head and height. She is 23 1/2 pounds at 5 1/2 months, 27 inches. She ...


Sunscreen/summer Tips for My Little One

S.E. asks from New York

our weather here has been pretty screwey lately.. we really didn't have a "spring".. it basically went from freezing to summer.. its 80degrees today. first day since...


Big Brother and Big Sister Ideas

E.S. asks from Amarillo

I am a single mother of a 6 year old daughter and a year old son Im expecting another little girl in September. I am wanting to make it a very big special ordeal abo...


Announcing Baby #2 to Family

L.S. asks from Omaha

So after trying to conceive our 2nd child for 1 1/2 years, we just found out this week that baby #2 is on the way! I was looking for stores/on-line catalogs to purch...


Do You Know Where I Can Find 4T 100% Cotton Footed Sleepers?

C.K. asks from Chicago

My little guy loves his sleepers, but the 3T cotton ones he's wearing are a little tight and I can't find 4T cotton footie sleepers anywhere! I bought the 3Ts at Chi...


Comfortable Footy Pjs

T.K. asks from Dallas

My kids love footy PJs. And that time of year is coming up, so I'm shopping for new ones. I don't like the ones I've seen at Target or WalMart. They're soft and cu...


Infant Pajamas

B.K. asks from New York

I am looking for extra warm footie pajamas for my 5 month old. My now 4 year old son used LL Bean footies when he was an infant and they were super warm and thick and...


Feety Pajamas

J.L. asks from Los Angeles

Even though it's been 113 degrees where I live the last 2 days I am starting to search for winter pj's. I find feety pajamas for 0-12 months, but I am having a hard t...


I Am Looking for ( Big Sister / Big Brother ) T- Shirts for My Children. = )

M.. asks from Ocala

I am 35 weeks pregnant. I am having my 4th child and my other three kids are SOOOO excited to have a new baby sister. I would love to get them their own ( Big Siste...