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Dr. Browns vs Tommee Tippee

B.R. asks from Dallas

We are expecting our first child in February and we are starting to register. Which bottles do you prefer-- Dr. Browns or Tommee Tippee? I will breast feed. I've h...


Sippy Cups

A.F. asks from New York

This may be a silly question but almost everytime I pack a sippy cup (unless it's one of those throw-away ones) it leaks. Am I doing something wrong reinserting that ...


Need Help!!!

C.M. asks from Myrtle Beach

I need some advice... Yesterday was my little girls 15 mth wellness check- her pediatrician labeled her "as speech delayed with cronic fluid in her ears"... he said h...


Dilemma About Finding Safe Bottles for Breastmilk Feeding That Don't Leak

E.K. asks from New York

My son receives expressed breast milk with medela bottles at daycare. The staff tells me they repeatedly leak around the collar and the nipple, as much as an ounce a...


Baby Registry Help

B.R. asks from Dallas

We are expecting our first child. I am starting to register and I was wondering some items that are 'must haves' and some that we should skip. Any advice is greatly...


What Do You Think About Negative Press over Plastic Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups?

L.W. asks from Goldsboro

I just wanted to get some other moms opinions on the articles I have read about plastic bottles and sippys. Studies have shown that bottles and sippys made out of po...


BPA Free Bottle Recommendations

T.M. asks from Chicago

With my first baby I used Avent bottles, but now with my next baby on the way, I have learned more about the importance of Bisphenol-a (BPA) Free bottles. What are y...


What Type of Bottles

J.L. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! Due with baby #3 in 4-5 weeks and need suggestions on what type of bottles to use. I loved using Ventaire by Playtex for the first two kids but I used them...


BPA Free Bottles

N.S. asks from Pittsburgh

I was wondering what anyone thought of Nuby bottles. My sister wants to switch to BPA free bottles and the Nuby Non-Drip bottles are reasonably priced, say they redu...


Bottles to Sippy Cups

E.P. asks from New York

Any suggestions on a good "transition" sippy cup. We have been using Avent and First Years disposable cups for snack/meal times, but we are looking for a sippy cup th...