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Transitioning from Bottles to Sippy Cups

K.B. asks from New York

I introduced my daughter to sippy cups when she was 6 months old when I replaced the dinner bottle with the sippy cup. She is 11 months now and still won't take the ...


Breastfed Baby Won't Take a Bottle

M.I. asks from Chicago

Hello. My breastfed 10-week old is refusing a bottle. I have to start because I will be returning to work in 2 weeks. We have tried Born Free, Dr. Browns's, Medela...


Help! 7 Week Old Won't Take a Bottle

T.G. asks from New York

My 7 week old son will not take a bottle. He did at the beginning, and we did not keep up with it as we should have. Now, he is refusing. We have tried Avent, Born...


Help, My Baby Won't Take a Bottle

K.H. asks from Seattle

I am going back to work in 3 weeks and my son, who is 8 weeks old, will not take a bottle. I have tried Born Free, Playtex and Medela bottles and he just cries when ...


My 2 Month Old Won't Take a Bottle Anymore

G.L. asks from Dallas

I had a little girl on the 30th of May and have been breastfeeding her since then. I am a school teacher so have had the summer off and have been breastfeeding on dem...


Advice Needed About Switching from Formula to Milk

S.M. asks from Augusta

Hi, I am hoping to get good advice on making the switch to cow's milk. My son (now 11 months) made a very smooth transition from breast to bottle, but lately he has ...


Getting My Baby to Drink Water

M.M. asks from Los Angeles

I just started solids last Saturday and I'm having trouble getting my daughter to drink water. I've tried two different sippy cups (Nuby and Born Free) and her bottl...


Suggestions for Getting My 10 Week Old to Take a Bottle.

G.W. asks from Dallas

I have to return to work in a week. I have been breastfeeding & plan to continue to pump & breastfeed when I'm home from work. However, it's difficult to get my dau...


Breast Feeding to Pumped Bottle

R.M. asks from Madison

I have a 3 month old breast-fed baby girl. The last few days my husband has tried to introduce a bottle of pumped milk. One time she drank 1 oz. and then freaked out....


My 13 Month Old Is Picky, picky...picky!

M.S. asks from Portland

My 13 month old little guy is ALL boy, except for his eating habits. Ever since he's realized he can eat what mommy is eating (to a point), that is all he wants. Bu...