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Babies R Us... No Receipt No More Return Policy

S.T. asks from New York

Hi Ladies, Well I just had a baby boy 6 weeks ago. I received some gifts that I would like return. So today I went to Babies R Us to return the items. Almost all ...


Especially for Baby (Babies R Us Store Brand) Disposable Diapers?

S.C. asks from Des Moines

Has anybody used these? Are they any good? They're on sale 3 boxed for $20 which is AWESOME if they're any good and a lot of money down the drain if they're aweful!


Worried About My 5 Year Old Becomming Overweight

D.C. asks from Louisville

My family has a history of all the females struggling with their weight. For 2 years now the doctor has been worried about my daughter's weight. She is already 54 p...


5 Year Old and Itchy Butt Crack

L.M. asks from Chicago

No, it's not a joke. As ridiculous as it sounds, my 5 year old has been going through periods (on and off) where he says his butt crack itches and he's constantly tr...


Getting My 5 Year Old Out of Pull Ups at Night Time

A.C. asks from Portland

I have a 5 year old daughter who still wears a pull up at night and is wet 95% of the time. Does anyone have any advice for me on how to stop this? She can go all n...


Need Help Feeding a Picky 5 Year Old!

J.C. asks from San Francisco

How can I make my 5 year old eat new foods without him throwing an uncontrollable fit? He won't try anything! HELP!!!


5 Year-old Is Too Busy Playing to Use the Restroom

N.J. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is driving me bananas. I ask her all day long if she needs to use the restroom, yet she has an accident nearly everyday. Mostly its just a few drops in he...


Crib Recommendations

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

My 4 month old is outgrowing his bassinet. I am looking for a good crib and need help in choosing one as I read about so many cribs being recalled. Cribs at babies ...


Baby Shoes

M.C. asks from Houston

Where can I buy decent baby shoes? My baby boy is 15 months old and I can't find any nice/comfortable shoes for him to wear to daycare. Just found very few at Target ...


Need Tubing for Medela Pump in Style Pump

Y.B. asks from Los Angeles

I live in Long Beach near the traffic circle. Does any one know of somewhere close by where I can buy tubing for my Medela pump? I checked Target and Babies R Us - ...