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How Do I Potty Train?

K.G. asks from Houston

There are a lot of posts about potty training. I didn't see any about how to actually start doing it. My son has a great interest in the potty, so I would like to g...


Potty Train

F.D. asks from New York

hey mamas! how would be the best way to potty train my daughter who is 18 months?happy holidays ! and please always remember that quality time is way better than any ...


When to Potty Train?

M.Y. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 16 month old son who is still in diapers. Some of my family members have encouraged me to start potty training. Some say they have done so and by 17 months, ...


When to Potty Train?

R.P. asks from Cleveland

Audrey is 1 yr 1 month old and is staying dry 90% of the time during the day now and sometimes wakes up dry from a night of sleep, I am thinking about starting to tra...


"Window of Interest" for Potty Training

A.C. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is suddenly (within the last two weeks) showing a lot of interest in the potty, making note of when she needs diaper changes, etc. However, we weren't pla...


To Potty Train or Not

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

My son is 22.5 months and he show signs that he might be ready. He always tell me when he just pooped and doesn't mind sitting on the toilet. He even brings me his di...


When Did You Potty Train Your Child?

S.H. asks from Seattle

My son KMH will be 2 in April. He's not interested in potty training yet. My son, DRH, was potty trained just before 3. I know each child is different, but with pr...


Child Who Will Not Potty Train

J.P. asks from Boise

I need help! My 2 1/2 year old will not potty train. He knows when he needs to go, and he knows what to do, but he will not do it. He told me he wants to be a baby fo...


Potty train...I Need Help!!

L.Z. asks from Punta Gorda

I want to potty train my 2 year old. She shows interest. . She won't go on the potty. When she goes #2 :), she hides,and gets mad when you go near her.. How do I d...


When to Potty Train?

J.J. asks from Phoenix

I am at a stump here as to when is the right time to try potty training. My 18 month old daughter has a potty that we let her play with and she has shown interest in...