Checkup: Toddler, The First Years

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Needing Advice About My 23 Month Old Son

I have a 23 month old son, turning 2 in April, Who hasn't started talking yet. He babbles alot and says things, but not Words. He's very affectionate and funny. He loves playing With his older brother, Who is turning 10 in April. My niece started talking at 15 Months old, so I aM concerned. I've heard that it's norMal, so if anyone has any advice for Me, or been through the saMe thing I'd appreciate it.

Normal Height & Weight

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Weight in the Lower Percentile....

Hi Moms! My 10 1/2 month son has not been gaining much weight. He's about 20lbs and 32 inches long. This puts him in the 20-50th percentile weight-wise (dropped from the solid 50th percentile before). In weight, he's above the 95th percentile. As for milestones, he's been hitting all of them fine. He drinks about 24-30 oz of breast milk a day (pumped & thru nursing) and has 2 meals of solids (lunch & dinner). For breakfast he takes milk, but on weekends I try to give him rice cereal & fruit in addition to it. Solids usually consist of...