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My 21 Month Old Not Talking

M.B. asks from Atlanta

Hi moms. I have a 21 month old little girl. She is not saying any words. She can say mama and dada but never refers to us as that. She may say cheese, uh-oh, and ...


18 Month Old Not Talking

A.U. asks from Atlanta

My 18 month old son is not talking yet. He hasn't even uttered the word momma or ma ma. Everyone has always stressed the importance of not using baby talk with kiks, ...


19 Month Old Not Talking in English

R.C. asks from Lubbock

I have a 19 month old little boy and he is only saying dad and car. He speaks in his own language nothing that I can understand. We read books and I try to point ou...


Mom of 17 Month Old Seeking Advice on Son Who Doesn't Say Too Many Words

J.P. asks from Chicago

I have a 17 month old son who doesn't say any words that I can understand. He does alot of babbling and it sounds like he wants to say words....but they don't come ou...


Small/Slow Growing 16 Month Old

M.L. asks from Fort Wayne

My son Gavyn is 16 months old. At his 15 month check-up, he was 17lbs 7oz, 29 inches long and 18in head. He's quite nearly off the charts small, so Gavyn's pediatri...


My 15 Month Old Will Not Talk

T.H. asks from Topeka

Hi Mommies! I am having a problem with my 15 month old...I guess it isn't really a problem but more of an issue. She will not talk. The only thing she says is dad & t...


Is My 21 Month Old Boy Tongue-tied or Just a Late Talker

S.C. asks from Mobile

My son is 21 months and makes lots of noises (he wants to talk) but everything comes out sounding like raa raa or naa naa. Everyone tells us he'll talk when he's rea...


18 Month Old Not Talking

I.B. asks from Orlando

Hi moms, I will like to know what to do? My 18 month old is not talking. He point at things that he wants and will makes sounds but does not speak any actual words -...


Seeking Advice on 20 Month Old NOT Speaking Yet.

J.D. asks from Stockton

I am wondering why my 20 month old daughter, Marissa, is not showing any interest in speaking. She makes noises, grunts, hums, squeels, la-la-la's and even woof's. ...


Seeking Talking Help with 13 Month Old

J.H. asks from Lexington

My child is currently thirteen months old and only says very few words and I was wondering if I should be concerned. His first word was Ma Ma but he rarely says it a...