Checkup: Pulmicort

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Pulmicort Side Effects

My son was diagnosed with asthma at 8 month old. He was prescribed Pulimicort just before he turned 12 months old (can only be used after 12 months old) as a maintence medicine. It has helped tremendously. We've only had to use his emergency medicine, albutural, twice since then and we were using it every week before then. He is now 17 months old and it seems like his growth has stalled out. From the time he had his 12 month check-up to his 15 month check-up he had not changed in growth and had actually lost weight. He also was not...


Asthma and Dairy

I recently found out that my 13 month old has asthma. My pediatrician gave...


6 Year Check-up

My son will be 6 soon and I am wondering if a 6 year check-up is neccessary....