Checkup: Nuby

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6 Year Check-up

My son will be 6 soon and I am wondering if a 6 year check-up is neccessary....

Normal Height & Weight

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12 Mo Old "Underweight"

Hello everyone! We took our 12 mo old to her 1 year check up and said they were concerned about her weight. That her height was fine but her weight was in the 15th percentile. I am a SAH mom and I have only breastfed her and still am breastfeeding. I just don't know what I am doing wrong. I told them I would let her nurse whenever she wanted to. They told me not to do that and set up more scheduled meals. I am doing that now and she was doing GREAT but now is beening a VERY picky eater. Usally for breakfast I give her cheerios or some sort...