Checkup: Infant

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Fear of Dentist

My daughter had open heart surgery a few months ago. At her last check-up...

Height & Weight

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My Daughter Afraid of Being Overweight

My daughter is 4'6 and a quarter weighs 74.2 pounds 10 december 11. is she overweight? she seems average. Her 4'3 best friend 9 years old weighs 58 pounds says she overweight! IS SHE?????????

Normal Height & Weight

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Daughter Is in 3Rd Percentile for Weight

Does anyone have any experience with their children being in a very low percentile for weight? My daughter is in the 3rd percentile for weight. She is very petite, but continues to grow on a curve. She has not decreased weight and is growing and developing normally. She is doing most things that a baby her age should be doing. Should i be overly concerned about her being in the 3rd percentile? The pediatrician says she is doing fine and is not disappointed with her weight. I am just feeling unsure...