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2Yr Old Son with Ezema

I have a 2yr old that has really bad ezema and I cant seem to get it to go away. I took him to the Dr. and he said to put Hydrocortisone cream on him. The ezema is all over his torso like sand paper I feel really bad, it is also on his bottom and it itches really bad. The Hydrocortisone just bleached his skin I am worried that he might have these bleach spots forever... Anyone who is going threw the same? Please help..


Eczema Experts HELP!

My daughter is 17 months old and two weeks ago had small bumps on her belly...


Help with Eczema

My 6 month old was just diagnosed with eczema and I am trying to get his...

Normal Height & Weight

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Doc Says to Start Rice Cereal at 4 Mo

Hi moms, At my son's 4 month check up appt this morning, the doctor recommended starting rice cereal. I'm just a bit weary of this and here is why.... Brayden was born 3 1/2 weeks early, and I have noticed in the last few months that he is slightly behind in his developmental milestones- Not anything to worry about as he catches up quickly. He is also in the low percentiles for growth, but again, I was told that he is within normal limits and that it takes a little time to "catch up" when they are preemies. ALSO, Brayden also has ezcemca...