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Problems at School

A.J. asks from Albuquerque

I have a 6 year old who is extremely smart and capable of doing everything that is expected of him at school however, as of lately he has been whinning everytime it i...


School Options

H.C. asks from Sacramento

Hi moms and (hopefully) teachers out there! I'm starting to research the public school system for my children who will start attedning next year- and I'm nervous! T...


Sugar at School

K.G. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, I have 3 &5 year old daughters, who attend preschool and pre-k. Our preschool has a no sugar for treats (bdays, christmas, etc.) policy, but the pre-k does n...


Seeking Great Public School

M.N. asks from Dallas

I am seeking recommendation on a good K-8 school in FWISD. We have two kids (5 &7) in small private school but economy has forced us to explore other options. They a...


Charter Schools in Mesa

S.M. asks from Phoenix

I have been looking into charter schools, my daughter is only 2 years old but I have started doing my research so when it is time. I found a charter school called Ben...


Should I Change My Son's School?

L.D. asks from Joplin

I have a highly intelligent 12 year old boy who consistently grades above grade level in all areas, yet can't seem to barely pass an actual class. I've beat my head ...


Elementry School Quest?

N.F. asks from Houston

hallo all mams at mamasource website .i have a question ? i live in afton oaks subdevision next to galeria on w.alabama st. my son will be 4 yars old this march cu...


How Do You Research School Districts?

J.P. asks from San Francisco

How & what does one do to research school districts? My daughter is 3 yo. We're thinking about buying a house, but dont know where exactly yet (Marin, Petaluma...mayb...


Bullying in CMS School

A.B. asks from Charlotte

Hi - My son has been continually picked on at this school year. His teachers seem to care about him, but I'm guessing they can only do so much. Although I've rep...


Charter Schools in Arlington Area

A.B. asks from Dallas

Hello Mommies! I am thinking about going the charter school route with my now 3.5 yr old for kindergarten and was wondering if anyone had any experience with one ...