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Kids & Cell Phones - What Do You Think?

L.M. asks from Chicago

My husband and I had a spirited discussion about whether or not kids should have cell phones - and by kids I mean, maybe, Jr high and beginning driving age - when the...


Seeking Plasterer for Wall Texture in Master Bath - Sachse

T.P. asks from Dallas

We just removed the wallpaper in our master bath, and discovered that it was stuck directly to the drywall (ugh!). I would like to get a quote from someone for cover...


My Teenager Texts like Crazy!

L.D. asks from Dallas

I know I am not the only mom in the world with this problem. My 13 year old daughter- a straight A student still finds time to send about a hundred texts a day, altho...


Email from Teacher

K.M. asks from Kansas City

Hi! I need your help with an email my sister received from her son's teacher. He is in Kindergarten. She felt the wording/message was inappropriate/harsh, as did I...


How Are You Monitoring Your Teens Text Messages?

D.C. asks from Detroit

How are you monitoring your teens texts? It's crazy, our parents could hear our conversations, now our teens don't talk on the phone at all, they text and it is more ...


iMessage Vs Text Message

J.B. asks from Amarillo

A friend of mine said that his iPhone isn't get iMessages, but just text messages. What is the difference? He's got an iPhone as well as I've got one too, but said ...


My Daughter and Her Cell Phone

S.H. asks from Killeen

My 12 y old daughter haS had Her cell Phone for a few years now without any issues. She knows that we monitor her usage as well as the content of her texts Messages f...


My Personal Cell Phone for Work

R.X. asks from Houston

My boss yelled at me yesterday for not answering my own cell phone when she called. It was a non-emergency. I missed the call and did not return it, as I have to pay ...


Are All Teens Addicted to Texting?

J.O. asks from Detroit

Another post got me thinking... Anyone have a teen who texts very little and only uses it now and then? I see teens today glued to phones, and it's honestly just ...


To Monitor or Not to Monitor Texting or MySpace

Z.S. asks from Denver

I have found software to be able to monitor what my teenager is texting or writing on MySpace. But should I? And if I do, should I tell her that I am?