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Do You Talk or Text or Do Other Things While Driving?

A.G. asks from Albuquerque

So I'm driving home yesterday, cruising through downtown on my way to get my kiddos. Out of nowhere comes this gray honda crv with florida plates with 5 adults. So I...


Ok. I Text Now. Now I Have Question.

A.M. asks from Detroit

Why do people keep sending me texts without including their names? Cell phones don't have caller ID. Or is it just my phone? (I have the latest, greatest iPhone.) The...


Inappropriate Texts

F.C. asks from Los Angeles

So I got my kids a cell phone that they share, Its come in very handy since they go to there dads house on the weekends I no longer have a hard time getting a hold of...


Do You Reply to a Stranger's (Kinda) Email or Text? Rude or Not?

J.T. asks from Washington DC

I have had two instances recently that I kinda took great offense to. The homeroom mom for my child's grade sends blanket emails to everybody about every little thing...


Advice on Texting

B.R. asks from Lansing

Hello All!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this. My boyfriend has a 15 year old son who is only with us every other weekend. We currently provide his pho...


Do You Monitor Your Kids Texts? (Safety, Etc)

R.P. asks from Los Angeles

Do you monitor your kids texts? If you do, how? And do they know or not know?


Friends and Texting

L.D. asks from Phoenix

Is there some women out there that is addicted to texting friends and avoids family members ??? I am worried about my addiction. I need to know I am not alone. Th...


Text/Calls From an "Ex"

L.L. asks from Dover

Looking for opinions (changing cell number is not a good option). Here's the situation: A short term ex (not even an ex really but that's a fair description) stop...


Teenage Son and Friends Texting Inappropriate Messages

C.S. asks from Houston

Hi moms, My 14 year old son was spending a lot time texting back and forth with his friends. I could not imagine what they were talking about so much. Then he got ...


Do You Let Your Pre-teen Text?

F.T. asks from Dallas

My 11 year old has her own phone. I got it to keep in touch with her since she rides the bus home. She has texted with her friends and that is fine but now she has ...