Cell Phones: Toddler

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Texting During Program

J.J. asks from Milwaukee

Went to a school function and couldn't believe all the parents and children texting while the principal and teachers were talking to us. Isn't this very rude and disr...


Text Etiquette and Courteous Discouragement

M.D. asks from Pittsburgh

The leader of one of my daughters activities is frequently texting information to all the parents. Now I don't mind texts but her's come in two or three at a time. ...


Teen Text Messaging Saga

W.M. asks from Dallas

My 16 year old seems unable to to put down her cell phone since we have gotten unlimited text-messaging on her phone. She has never had a cell before as she was livin...


Would You Send Party Invitations Purely by Text Message (Vs. Email or Print)?

T.F. asks from Honolulu

Hi, Mamas! I have a couple of little girls, and am surprised that invites to birthday parties, school functions, dinners, girls' nights, etc. are still coming through...


What age is appropriate for your kid to have his own email account

T.M. asks from San Francisco

My son is 8 in 2nd grade. He wants his own email account. He wants to be able to email his grandparents and us (his mom & dad). He's very responsible and we have a...


Email Scam

S.D. asks from Phoenix

I got a scam in the email box that notified me that a friend was mugged and stranded in Spain. They were asking for $ to wire to get out of the country. Then later, ...



H.R. asks from Anchorage

I have a 14 year old girl who I foolishly gave a cell phone to. The only reason I gave it to her was so that if I needed to reach her, I could. Her siblings who hav...


Texting, Gossip and Ground Rules

S.R. asks from Washington DC

With so many kids getting iphones and ipod touch devices, it seems like texting among younger kids has gone wild. I'm ok with my dd texting for fun, but I notice som...


Texting Etiquette Question

J.C. asks from Roanoke

As an older mom, I mainly call people or send emails. But I text my babysitters because their moms say that is the best way. Well, I sent a text kind of late the ot...


Babysitter Texting/facebooking While W/your Kids

S.X. asks from Chicago

We have a great babysitter but as she enters adulthood she's making questionable decisions for herself, we still like her and don't want to lose her. However, we know...