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Fun Things to Do with Toddler at Home

E.D. asks from Atlanta

Does anyone have ideas to share of fun, low or no cost activities to do when spending a day at home with a 17-month old? We love to read and listen to music. I would ...


I Am Buying a Soon to Be 3 Year Old Girl a Purse for Her Bday

A.G. asks from Philadelphia

i was going to put some stuff inside but i can't think of some things to put inside and was wondering maybe someone can give me some help. I really don't want to up ...


Activities for Toddlers

K.I. asks from Minneapolis

I have a very active, smart and fun 3 year old. I'm looking for activities besides parks and the library for her. Anyone know of any good ideas let me know. Thank you


Seeking Good Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Girl

A.D. asks from Detroit

Any suggestions on what 4 year old little girls like? I need to buy my niece a gift, please help.


Activities for a 4 Year Old Who Can't Amuse Himself?

A.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi there. I'm not a mama myself but I've been nannying for a little boy for the last three years. He was born three months premature and had a lot of early struggles,...


"Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas"

H.O. asks from Austin

This year my entire family has decided to make gifts instead of purchase gifts. I am not crafty at all so this is a big challenge. I would appreciate any ideas offere...


My Daughter Is Now Scared to Sleep in Her Room Because of Shadows........

A.P. asks from Oklahoma City

This is all so new, all the sudden she asked her daddy what was on the ceiling, and he told her they were shadows. Then she was scared to stay in there. She has slep...


Safe Arts & Crafts for Babies

K.G. asks from Los Angeles

Looking for fun, safe arts & crafts ideas for our 8 month old. Just a little something to start tapping into her artistic side. Everything she plays with goes in her ...


Beyond Fussy Eater

A.H. asks from Chicago

how can i get my child to eat more of a variety of food like she did when she was a baby?


Looking for a Church

R.B. asks from Raleigh

Our family has visited many churches in the Raleigh area and yet have found a good fit. We a looking for a welcoming church community for us and our 2 girls, ages 5 ...