Cell Phones: Older Child

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9 Year Old Stealing and Lying

S.!. asks from Boston

Lately, my 9 year old has been shocking me with his behavior. I dont know what to do. He has been caught in many lies during the school year...homework, friends etc. ...


7 Year Old Acting up for Babysitters

M.M. asks from Seattle

Help! My 7 year old daughter has been causing trouble for our babysitters, to the point where they don't want to babysit for us anymore. My daughter is very sensiti...


7 Year Old Boy Who Reads Well - Any Book Recommendations?

E.B. asks from Seattle

Hi! My seven year old boy is in first grade and loves to read. He reads a lot and reads well - about a fifth grade level. We're running out of ideas for decent boo...


My Teenager Texts like Crazy!

L.D. asks from Dallas

I know I am not the only mom in the world with this problem. My 13 year old daughter- a straight A student still finds time to send about a hundred texts a day, altho...


6 Year Old That Can't Seem to Move Fast in the Morning!

D.B. asks from San Francisco

My 6 year old daughter (who is in Kindergarten) does not know the meaning of the words "please move quickly" -- especially in the morning when we are rushing to get r...


My Daughter and Her Cell Phone

S.H. asks from Killeen

My 12 y old daughter haS had Her cell Phone for a few years now without any issues. She knows that we monitor her usage as well as the content of her texts Messages f...


Are All Teens Addicted to Texting?

J.O. asks from Detroit

Another post got me thinking... Anyone have a teen who texts very little and only uses it now and then? I see teens today glued to phones, and it's honestly just ...


Land Line vs Cell

C.S. asks from Las Vegas

I just noticed that my house phone is not working. I am not sure when this happened or the last time I used it. I guess I have become accustomed to only using my ce...


Kindle Fire for a 10 Year Old?!

H.P. asks from Springfield

My husband is insane. He wants to buy a Kindle Fire for his 10 year old daughter. I believe she is too young to deserve or fully appreciate an adult-oriented electron...


Phone=text and Calls ONLY?

F.H. asks from Phoenix

We are considering getting our 16, 12 and 9 yo phones. The 16 yo is mentally retarded, the 12 yo is an Aspie and ADD and the 9 yo is ADHD. They don't have phones no...