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8Mo Old Gags on Chunky Solid Food

K.B. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi Mamas- My son is 8 months old. he LOVES baby food; stage 1 and 2, and the gerber "rice" and "oatmeal". But everytime i try to give him anything with a chunky text...


HELP! My 21 Month Old Wont Eat Veggies!!!!

L.A. asks from Milwaukee

Hello all, My 21 month year old son will not eat veggies as a solid. We offer him peas, beans, etc and he just trys to throw them off his highchair or will eat everyt...


Finger Foods-9 Month Old

B.M. asks from San Antonio

My 9 month old has two teeth and has been eating peas and carrots and those gerber puffs but I am afraid to give him any more finger foods. What other finger foods c...


What Age Should You Stop Baby Food

J.J. asks from Dallas

My 15 month old still loves baby food. In fact he doesn't care for most adult foods. Luckily he is doing well with Gerber Graduates, but is there an age where I sho...


What to Feed 10 Month Old?

J.P. asks from Chicago

Please give me suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My son refuses to eat a lot of things these days (particularly anything Gerber!) and I'm running out of i...


Baby Food

P.K. asks from Miami

My doctor said that is time for my 6 months old baby to start eating some chicken, ham and turkey. Besides gerber food can anyone tell me how should I introduce that...


How Do I Get My 16 Month Old to Take Vitamins? Please Read Entire Post

K.J. asks from Albany

Thanks so much in advance, I know this post is long, I am so sorry! My 16 month old is an extreme poor eater. And sometimes he gags and throws up with certain foods. ...


7 Month Old Not Liking Babyfood

B.V. asks from Chicago

My 7 month old girl does not like to eat the cereal nor gerber. I'm not sure if it is the texture or what but my doctor says that she will eventually come around to ...


Is Veggie Booty REALLY Good for My 7Mo Old??

S.T. asks from Colorado Springs

When my 5 year old son was small I remember the hype about "veggie booty" Its kinda like gerber graduate finger foods. They are soft puffs that sort of melt in your m...


Toddler Won't Eat Table Food

S.T. asks from Philadelphia

My 19 month old son refuses to eat anything but his gerber graduates. I am at the end of my patience. As a newborn he was breastfed and then moved to breast milk with...