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Is My 5 Year Old Spoiled?

D.W. asks from Modesto

My daughter is 5 years old and over the weekend I had some extra money and decided to redecorate her room. We went to Micheals Craft store and bought some shelves, a ...


Fidgety 5 Year Old

K.B. asks from Detroit

My daughter just turned 5 this past summer and is now in kindergarten. She does great in class, listens really well, and for the most part, the temper tantrums and f...


Cancelling Plans Last Minute by Text-am I the Only One....

S.J. asks from New York

I’m not much into texting as so many people are. One of my friends/neighbor uses text to communicate with me all the time and they are lengthy. I’ll tease her th...


Help with Teens and Texting

S.S. asks from Lansing

My son is almost 14. He is constantly texting. We have always felt we could trust him, but not sure we can "trust" the girls who are texting him! I recently read both...


13 Year Old Texting - What's Realistic?

T.G. asks from Milwaukee

Earlier this year we took away our daughter's texting due to issues with grades and behavior. She was up to 10,000-11,000 texts per month, and she isn't allowed to t...


Inappropriate Texts

F.C. asks from Los Angeles

So I got my kids a cell phone that they share, Its come in very handy since they go to there dads house on the weekends I no longer have a hard time getting a hold of...


Out of Control 5 Year Old

T.L. asks from Richmond

My 5 year old daughter is out of control. She is extremely spoiled. Everytime we go to any store, whether its the grocery store, Walmart, or the auto parts store, she...


Help, My 6 Year Old Refuses to Sleep in His Bedroom!

K.F. asks from Des Moines

We moved into our new home approx 3 mos ago. After the first month, my 6 year old son refuses to sleep in his bedroom. He insists there is something 'under the bed'...


Do You Reply to a Stranger's (Kinda) Email or Text? Rude or Not?

J.T. asks from Washington DC

I have had two instances recently that I kinda took great offense to. The homeroom mom for my child's grade sends blanket emails to everybody about every little thing...


How to Fatten up a 5 Year Old

E.M. asks from Louisville

My daughter is 5 year old needs to gain weight. Im not worried about it because shes got the exact same build as i did (kids changed that!) But her doctor is freaking...