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Birthday Party for 5 Year Old Girl

S.E. asks from Chicago

Any great ideas for a 5 year old's birthday party? She has mentioned Pump It Up but I'm trying to avoid it, I think! Haven't decided if this will be a boy/girl part...


Keeping a 5 Year Old Busy

M.E. asks from Rapid City

I have a 5 year old son who is always exporing. He seems to get into every thing. Some of the stuff he does even suprises me. I am wondering if there are any things I...


Chores for 6 Year Old

S.T. asks from Kansas City

My husband and I want our son to start doing some chores this summer but I can't figure out what we should have him do! Give me some ideas please! Thank S.


Question About 5 Year Old and t.v.

O.L. asks from San Diego

Hi Ladies! Just wondering if anyone else out there has a 4 or 5 year old child who often seems bored at home? Regardless of how many toys and activities he has her...


5 Year Old Is Having Headaches. Should I Be Worried?

E.C. asks from Lakeland

My 5 y.o. has been having headaches at the base of her head (right above her neck) off and on for the last few weeks. She occasionally complains that her neck hurts ...


Babysitter Texting/facebooking While W/your Kids

S.X. asks from Chicago

We have a great babysitter but as she enters adulthood she's making questionable decisions for herself, we still like her and don't want to lose her. However, we know...


Texting, Too Much Media?

J.L. asks from Boston

I'd like your advice. My son, who is 12 and going through puberty BIG TIME, is mad at me alomst every day. Today it was because I wouldn't conceed to allow him to tex...


5 Year Old Cronic Constipation

S.R. asks from Pittsburgh

My 5 year old daughter has had constipation since she was born. She would go for 2 weeks without having a bowel movement. At times, she has been so constipated that s...


6 Year Old with an ATTITUDE

D.M. asks from Burlington

My 6 year old son spends most of his weekdays now at school (Kindergarten) and has been home with me for most of his life. He has this horrible attitude towards me wh...


5 Year Old Needs Glasses!

S.S. asks from Houston

Hi - Ok - our 5 year old (in Pre K)- told us at Monster Jam "he needed glasses but did not want them- they are ugly"- he had some trouble coloring in lines etc.- so...