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Seeking Advice About Adult Daughter

A.M. asks from Washington DC

My adult daughter (30) lives with her boyfriend over 800 miles away. It's not a question of me not accepting her boyfriend because I do. I have visited her a couple...


How to Overcome a Jealous Adult Child

M.Z. asks from Phoenix

I have 4 children (2 are adults), husband has 2 adult children in their 30’s. His eldest daughter continues to exclude me and my kids from events that should be fam...


POLL: Does Your 10 to 15 Year Old Child Have a Cell Phone??

C.R. asks from Kansas City

Why or Why not? If yes, does it only allow calling and limited texting? Internet access?


Adult Child Not Calling, Yes It Is Me Again

J.V. asks from New York

I am trying so hard to not worry, but my 28 year old daughter is doing it again. Long story short, we have had the discussion about acknowledging texts, phone calls o...


How Do I Accept That My 18 Yo Daughter Is Dating a 30 Yo Man?

R.D. asks from New York

My 18 yo daughter is a freshman in college across state. A 30 yo man that we only knew of as her friend took her away for an off-the-grid, no cell service camping tri...


JFF (Sort Of) Poll Regarding Kids and Cell Phones **ETA

M.6. asks from New York

So, we have 6 kids, ranging in age from nearly 30 down to 16. For YEARS (and I mean years), we have had all the kids on our cell phone plan, plus my mom, plus hubby'...


9 Yr Old Stepdaughter Wanting a Cell Phone for Her 10Th Bday!!!

K.Y. asks from St. Louis

I have been in my stepdaughter's life for about 5 years now but I'm still just the stepmom. We only have her one day a week and everyother weekend. My husband/fiance ...


Ground Rules for Adult Child Moving Home

M.M. asks from Dallas

Our son graduated college in May. He works as a freelance camera man in the TV & film industry and rents a room in a house from a friend. His housemate's girlfriend...


Adult Daughter Not Responding Again

J.V. asks from New York

I am now more than fed up about this. I cannot believe she does this to me knowing it hurts me. It is so upsetting. I just want to talk to her for five minutes to sha...


Spoided Adult Daughter

M.V. asks from Boston

We have an adult daughter who has been out light everday she brought into this world. We my husband and I have worked very hard to make sure she has everything. We sa...