Cavity Prevention

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Child Needs Cavities Removed. Do I Sedate Her?

T.D. asks from Los Angeles

I was told by my 5 year old daughter's dentist that she has a few cavities. They are on her baby teeth, but the dentist doesn't want to "let them go" because the tee...


4 Year-old Has 10 Cavities!

C.P. asks from Dallas

Mamas - I need your advice! I just took our 4 year-old daughter to the dentist for her first cleaning. The dentist said her enamel wasn't fully formed on some of her ...


I.V. Sedation for Filling Cavities on 4 Year Old

L.S. asks from Dallas

My son has a few cavities and I'm just wondering about the I.V. sedation at the dentist's office. Has anyone used this procedure? If so, how did it work out? I'm v...


When to Wean off Bottle and I'm Worried About Baby Cavities?

S.J. asks from Charlottesville

Hello all, my daughter is about to turn 1 at the end of the month. She still drinks formula from a bottle several times a day and before she goes to sleep at night. ...


Had Cavities Filled for the First Time- Wondering If Doc Messed Up

D.G. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, I am just going crazy here- I had two cavities filled on my two back molars along the gum line a month ago and they are killing me! I wasn't having any pai...


My 4 Yo Has Cavities - Get a 2Nd Opinion? - What Do the Dentists Say?

M.S. asks from Des Moines

I took my 4 year old son to the dentist for the first time yesterday and was mortified to find out he has 6 cavities!!! After getting over feeling like such a horrib...


Cavities in a 3Yr Old, Dentist Refuses to Fill. What Now?

G.W. asks from Boston

My three year odl has cavities. The first dentist we saw had the attitude " they are baby teetha nd will fall out anyway, no big deal to treat any dental issues". We ...


3 Cavities in My 2 Yr Old Nephew! Diagnosis Without Xrays?

E.K. asks from New York

My nephew has 3 cavities according to his dentist and the office visit to diagnose this was horrible.... He cried and SCREAMED Mama the whole time! They want to dri...


My 4 Y/o Needs 2 Cavities Filled and the Dr. Wants to Put Him to Sleep to Do It.

M.G. asks from Pittsburgh

I just got home from the Pediatric Dentist that our regular dentist referred us to. My 4 1/2 year old son has two cavities that need to be filed. He has only been to ...


Toddler Tootbrushing Tips? IV Sedation for 20 Month Old with Cavities

L.C. asks from Los Angeles

Our pediatric dentist is suggesting IV sedation for our 20 month old who has cavities on his front top teeth. Have any of you taken your child for dental treatment at...