Cavity Prevention

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Fillings for Toddler Cavities

J.R. asks from San Diego

We took our 3 1/2 yo son to the dentist today, and they said they found one, possibly two, cavities that they said they need to fill. For this procedure, they want t...


Cavities After Sealants, What Do You Think Is Going on Here???

L.A. asks from Lincoln

We just returned from our 2nd visit to our new dental office and they discovered that my 14 year old daughter has 5 cavities on 5 different back molars, and I was tol...


5 Cavities in One Year????!!!

M.P. asks from Chicago

Hey there. Crazy question. I just went to my dentist for my annual checkup and found out that this year I got FIVE cavities, 3 of them right in the front of my mout...


Denist Visit- 6 Cavities

P.K. asks from Raleigh

My 4 year old daughter has 6 small cavities. I know at least one of them are in her 12 year molars. I of course felt terrible about this. My daughter is strong willed...


Nitrous Oxide on 3 Yr Old with Cavities

B.K. asks from Chicago

Our son has 2 cavities and the dentist is going to use nitrous oxide. Has anyone used this on their children? Do you feel it is safe? I'm scared for our 3 yr old. ...


Daughter Is Having Her Adenoids out....and Her Sinus Cavities Flushed...

R.M. asks from Austin

My 5 year old is having her adenoids out and her sinus cavities flushed tomorrow...are there any side effects? Has anyone had this done? What were the results for yo...


Does Your Dentist Fill Cavities in Baby Teeth?

R.D. asks from Detroit

My son is 5. We were told by the dentist today that he has three cavities. He still has all baby teeth. Does your dentist fill cavities in baby teeth? Is this nor...


Do I Get My 4 Year Old's Cavities Filled???

B.K. asks from New York

I need some advice about cavities. I'm completely clueless because my husband and I have never ever had a cavity and so far, until this point, our kids haven't either...


Advice for Repairing Cavities for 2 Year Old

D.R. asks from Atlanta

I just took my almost 3 year old to the dentist today and found out he had cavities!!! Dentist said they were contributed from a sippy cup. They recommended that we...


Oh No! My 2 Years Has Cavities! What Do I Need to Do?

J.B. asks from Miami

My son has been going to a pediatric dentist since he was one. He got most of his teeth by then. At his last checkup about two months ago, the dentist stated that h...