Cavity Prevention: Toddler

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L.A. asks from Minneapolis

I took my 4 year old daughter into the dentist for her first visit today and she ended up having 3 cavities. The dentist wants to fill them. But does it make any se...


Cavities, Cavities, Cavities!

A.L. asks from Portland

My daughter is 6 years old and has multiple cavities with each trip we make to the dentist! She has already had 2 teeth pulled; 4 fillings and needs to have 3 more. ...


Questions on Cavities

C.K. asks from Chicago

My daughter just turned 3 on March 21 and she already has 3 cavities!!! I'm mortified and feel like a terrible mother for letting this happen. We try not to practic...


Cavities on Toddler

B.A. asks from Houston

Okay, quick question. Would like to know if anyone has experienced something similar. I have a 3 1/2 yr old and a 16 month old. My 3 yr old has had a small cavity ...


Cavities and Crowns

K.F. asks from Providence

My now 4 year old had 3 cavities at her first dentist appointment. They are decaying more rapidly than expected and our family dentist has recommended the child-equi...


Toddler with Cavities

H.C. asks from Oklahoma City

I really don't have a question so much as I just need some comfort and support. Today was my daughter 1st dentist appointment. It went really well and she did awesome...


Cavities and Toddlers

S.O. asks from Oklahoma City

Hi Moms, I am super diligent about brushing my sons teeth. I have bad teeth and I know it can be genetic so I have been pro-active from the start. I think I disc...


4 Year Old with Cavities

T.B. asks from Los Angeles

We just returned from the dentist and he says that my 4 year old has 6 cavities!!! He thinks that she has a certain bacteria in her mouth that causes her to be prone ...


2 Year Old Son with Cavities

L.Y. asks from Sacramento

I just took my son to his pediatric dentist today and he has 3 cavities. The dentist wants to put him under anesthesia to do the fillings as he will not stay still or...


Can Cavities Be Reversed?

L.P. asks from Denver

Okay I think I'm losing my mind! Our dentist found 3 cavities in my daughter , this was about 5 weeks ago, (all in baby teeth, but in molars that will be there for s...