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Buying a New Car

L.M. asks from New York

Hi Ladies, The time has come and we need to purchase a new minivan. Yes, NEW not used. Just looked at the Toyota Sienna and we're very interested. However, it app...


What Do Y'all Think About This?? (Buying a Car)

J.J. asks from Dallas

hi guys, my ridiculously thoughtful & generous uncle has decided to help me purchase a car. i didn't ask or EVER even incinuate (sp) that i wanted or needed one. mi...


Buying Your 16-Year Old a Car

C.M. asks from Chicago

My daughter is only 10, but she recently said to my husband and me "when I turn 16, I want you to buy me a blue car." We both laughed it off and my husband said jokin...


Looking for a New Car - What Do You Like?

M.E. asks from Chicago

I currently have a 2006 BMW X5 that I bought off a lease. The maintenance required by this car is too much for me. I'd like to get a more basic car - thinking Honda...


Need a NEW Car...

A. asks from Tampa

I have never had a 'new', but I need to get one ASAP. I currently have a 98 Honda civic with over 250K miles. It drives ok, but I know its not gonna last much longer....


Buying Cars over the Internet Vs. the Car Dealership

M.C. asks from Detroit

We are looking at buying a new car this year. I've been doing online research as well as going to dealerships. I haven't bought a new car in a while and feel overwhe...


You Have $6,000 to Spend on a "New" Car ... What Would You Choose?

J.C. asks from Columbus

Okay, my husband totaled our 2004 Saturn Vue. He's fine, thank goodness. And thankfully, the kids and I weren't in the car. The other lady was cited. She has insuranc...


Buying a New Car

S.K. asks from Sacramento

So I'm trying to decide what to get and I'd like to find out what you all have and why you love your car! I'm looking to get a 7/8 seater and I can't decide if I'm g...


Moms of Buy or Not to Buy?

H.K. asks from Phoenix

He'll be 18 soon (unbelieveable)! He wants a car for his 18th birthday(UG)! So what do we do? What did you/your parents do? He is a fantastic kid (a bit on the...