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Buying New Car

R.B. asks from Atlanta

My husband and I are looking to buy a new car..he test drove the saturn ion 2 and liked it...has anyone heard anything about this car or have one?? Any suggestions on...


Need New Car Pros and Cons Lease or Purchase

L.A. asks from Austin

It is time to get a new car. We have no debt, but we do have a child in College. We are considering leasing a car. It would be $2000 - 3000 down and $149. per month...


Buying a Car!

N.L. asks from Dallas

I have decided its time to trade my car in and get something new. I will have about $2000 in cash and maybe another $2-$3000 in trade in. But I feel clueless as to wh...


Buying a Car

C.B. asks from Kansas City

ok i'm looking for all you independant-minded tough chickie mamas out there who have bought a car on your own. my husband and i have decided (okay I'VE decided) that ...


Need a New Car

M.P. asks from Dallas

Hello Momma's, I was wondering if anyone out there knew of a used car dealership that helps with bad credit. I have had some hard times and NEED a new car ASAP but...


Looking for Good Used Car Dealership.

H.F. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a good Used Car Dealership in the Plano Area or surrounding area? We are in need of a larger vehichle, with this third one on the way and now our ...


Looking to Buy a New Car, Advice Needed!!

M.L. asks from Houston

We are desperate for a car. Most likely a used van. My car is 13 years old and my husband's is about 20 years old and neither have working air conditioners... and it ...


Help Need Advice on Buying a Used Car Through Ebay!!!!

T.D. asks from Boca Raton

Ok, I'm so stressed out as we are now down to 1 car as the other one died and are in desperate need of good used low milage car. I have seen a few good ones and one i...


Buying Used Car That's Been Smoked in - Bad Idea?

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

We are test driving a car that is everything we want (kind, price, miles, options) BUT I noticed what looks to be a cigarette ash burn in the side of the door by the ...


Used Car Suggestions

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- Our 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo may be on its last legs, after 21 years of service. Time to get a new second hand car. Any favorites out there?...