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Buying a Car!

N.L. asks from Dallas

I have decided its time to trade my car in and get something new. I will have about $2000 in cash and maybe another $2-$3000 in trade in. But I feel clueless as to wh...


Need a New Car

M.P. asks from Dallas

Hello Momma's, I was wondering if anyone out there knew of a used car dealership that helps with bad credit. I have had some hard times and NEED a new car ASAP but...


Looking for Good Used Car Dealership.

H.F. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a good Used Car Dealership in the Plano Area or surrounding area? We are in need of a larger vehichle, with this third one on the way and now our ...


Looking to Buy a New Car, Advice Needed!!

M.L. asks from Houston

We are desperate for a car. Most likely a used van. My car is 13 years old and my husband's is about 20 years old and neither have working air conditioners... and it ...


Help Need Advice on Buying a Used Car Through Ebay!!!!

T.D. asks from Boca Raton

Ok, I'm so stressed out as we are now down to 1 car as the other one died and are in desperate need of good used low milage car. I have seen a few good ones and one i...


Used Car Suggestions

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- Our 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo may be on its last legs, after 21 years of service. Time to get a new second hand car. Any favorites out there?...


Buying Your 16-Year Old a Car

C.M. asks from Chicago

My daughter is only 10, but she recently said to my husband and me "when I turn 16, I want you to buy me a blue car." We both laughed it off and my husband said jokin...


What Do Y'all Think About This?? (Buying a Car)

J.J. asks from Dallas

hi guys, my ridiculously thoughtful & generous uncle has decided to help me purchase a car. i didn't ask or EVER even incinuate (sp) that i wanted or needed one. mi...


Looking for a New Car - What Do You Like?

M.E. asks from Chicago

I currently have a 2006 BMW X5 that I bought off a lease. The maintenance required by this car is too much for me. I'd like to get a more basic car - thinking Honda...


Need a NEW Car...

A. asks from Tampa

I have never had a 'new', but I need to get one ASAP. I currently have a 98 Honda civic with over 250K miles. It drives ok, but I know its not gonna last much longer....