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Best Manual Breast Pump

B.B. asks from Dallas

I'm thinking of buying a manual breast pump to have when I'm not home. I have a machine at home but sometimes my milk is too full to wait til I get home. Anyone have ...


Bottles and Breast Pumps

M.F. asks from Denver

Hi moms! I'm in the begining of my third trimester with my first baby and I'm trying to figure out what I need. I know I need to pump because I'll be a working mo...


Used Breast Pump

T.C. asks from Hickory

Trying to decide if I should buy a new or used breast pump...I am really needing one and on a tight budget, but I don't know how sanitary a used one could be? in need...



M.S. asks from New York

Can anyone give me their opinions/recos on a good breast pump. I want to buy the Isis Avent Duo w/IQ but was told that the medella one is good also. Any other brands ...


Breast Pumps

A.H. asks from Salinas

I plan on breastfeeding if my baby will of course but I know I'll have to go back to work while I'm still breastfeeding. Any recommendations on good breast pumps and...


Can Anyone Recommend a Good Breast Pump?

W.S. asks from Dallas

I am wondering if anyone could recommend a brand of breast pump that worked really well for them. I will be working full time, so I will need one for every day use. ...


Breast Pump

T.G. asks from Seattle

I was wondering if anyone knows of a good brand of breast pump. Preferrably one that isn't too expensive. I had rented one with my first daughter and it made it reall...


In Need of a Good, Reliable Breast Pump

N.S. asks from Kansas City

At my baby shower I recieved a 'the first years MiPump' and a week after I started using it the power just stopped working so I took it back to the store and exchange...


Breast Pump

N.M. asks from Omaha

My husband and I just went and registered at BabiesRus and I was wondering if I should register for a breast pump right away and hope that breast feeding works for me...


Breast Pumps

C.W. asks from Minneapolis

HI to all- i wondering what breast pump you would recomend. i'm not looking to spent a ton of money. i'm a stay at home mom but my baby and i do travel alot to ca (...