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What Breast Pump Is the Best?

J.B. asks from Las Vegas

Hi! I am looking for advice on what breast pump works the best. I am pregnant with my 2nd child and want a good quality pump. I had the manual Advent Isis hand pump a...


Seeking Moms

E.S. asks from Grand Rapids

Im 8 months prego and so far me and my husband spent alots money because he was fighting for the custody of his 7 years old daughter his lawyer cost $10.000 dollars a...


How to Organize Pumping Supplies / I've Got Too Many Bags!

M.M. asks from Milwaukee

I'm looking for suggestions on how to organize the massive pile of "stuff" I have to take to/from work each day. I currently carry a purse (large - I've got two kids!...


How Should I Bring My Breast Milk to the Sitters?

J.C. asks from Chicago

I currently pump into medela bottles but i use avent bottles to feed my little one. Can i put my breastmilk into the avent bottles before i bring them to my sitters h...


Seeking Recommendations and Warnings for Dual Electric Breast Pumps

V.E. asks from Albany

I will be breastfeeding my second child after he is born in late July/early August. I breastfed my first son about four years ago, and used a simple hand operated bre...


BF Is Turning Out to Be a Complete Failure! Sad, Need Advise and Help

C.H. asks from Visalia

My daughter is 10 days old and I have been wanting to bf soo bad. (I tried with my son 5 years ago and I was never able to provide enough milk) I had a c/s and it to...


Travel Overseas with Twin Infants on Flight with Full Equip.

T.G. asks from Miami

I am travelling with twin newborn infants . As I had thought I was originally gonna stay here and live - I was given many things for the babies. Now that I am movin...


Help! Need Pumping Advice!!!

L.M. asks from Sacramento

Hi Mommies! I could really use some advice on pumping. I have an 8 month old son who has been taking a bottle while I'm at work (I went back to work when he was 4 ...


Diminishing Supply

S.M. asks from Fargo

I have returned to work and i am pumping during the day. My supply has gone down from 4oz each side to 2oz each side 4 times a day. I dont know what i can do or is ...


Seeking Breast Pump

L.S. asks from Chicago

Would like to borrow, rent or buy an electric breast pump ASAP! My cousin is going to have a c-section at the end of this week and needs a breast pump. If she choos...