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Picking up an Item Bought on Craigslist...

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I posted today about a breast pump, and once again, the Medela's get the resounding vote... so I looked on Craigslist again today (don't want to spend for a new one b...


Need Advice on Purchasing Breast Pump

D. asks from Chicago

I'm returning to work in the next month and need to purchase a breast pump. I've been considering the Medela Pump n Style and the Avent Isis Duo Electronic Pump. Do...


Milk Supply and Pumping

A.H. asks from Dallas

I am a SAHM to a five week old wonderful baby boy. He is constantly hungry! I am breastfeeding and have been supplementing with formula because he is so hungry. I ...


Double Pump Connector???

K.P. asks from Chicago

I am asking this question for my sister-in-law. She is having trouble with the coordination of pumping. She only does one side at a time because she can't figure ou...


Help Choosing Breastpump.....manual....electric....dual....yikes

N.A. asks from Cincinnati

I seriously need some help choosing a breast pump, i am fairly new to the website so bare with me!! I'm not too sure which type will work best for me and my baby to ...


Need Opinions on a Good Breastpump for Going Back to Work.

K.G. asks from Chicago

Hi... I will be going back to work on April 1 and would like to start pumping now so I can have a small supply and then I will continue pumping probably three times w...


A Good Breast Pump ?

J.L. asks from San Diego

I am looking for a good affordable dual breast pump. I am currently 7 months preggo and plan on breastfeeding along with pumping and bottle feeding. I really want the...


Seeking Breastfeeding Moms Who Have Returned to Work

M.B. asks from Miami

I REALLY want to cntinue BF'ing after going back to work. I have a Medela pump and am starting to pump. My son still eats every 3 hours (or sooner at times). How do I...


Hands Free Pumping Bra

T.M. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, I will be returning to work soon and was wondering your thoughts on the hands free bra that can be used for pumping. I have a Medela pump. Thanks for yo...


Trouble Pumping

C.R. asks from Dallas

Hello mamas, I have a 7 month old baby boy whom I nurse. I would like to get a part-time job but my problem is pumping! I do not have trouble with my milk supply, I...