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Re: Looking for a Good Used Car Dealership

R.O. asks from Chicago

Hello, I wanted to look for a used car but I am weary about them. Does anyone have any recommendations of where to go in the North side of Chicago or North, Northw...


Suggestions on New Car

R.P. asks from Seattle

I recently got a new position at work that will increase my wage and will give my hubby and I to get a new car! At this time we have a two door Hyundai Accent hatchb...


Buying New Car

R.B. asks from Atlanta

My husband and I are looking to buy a new car..he test drove the saturn ion 2 and liked it...has anyone heard anything about this car or have one?? Any suggestions on...


Buying a Car

C.B. asks from Kansas City

ok i'm looking for all you independant-minded tough chickie mamas out there who have bought a car on your own. my husband and i have decided (okay I'VE decided) that ...


Used Car Suggestions

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- Our 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo may be on its last legs, after 21 years of service. Time to get a new second hand car. Any favorites out there?...


Buying a New Car

S.K. asks from Sacramento

So I'm trying to decide what to get and I'd like to find out what you all have and why you love your car! I'm looking to get a 7/8 seater and I can't decide if I'm g...


Infant Sling

V.B. asks from Phoenix

What is your favorite type of baby sling? I'm not really looking for a front pack (baby bjorn style) more like the slings that cradle the baby. I don't really want ...


Buying a Piano

L.F. asks from Chicago

My daughter just took her first piano lesson, and she LOVED it. We do not own a piano yet. No one else in the family plays the piano and I know nothing about how to...


The Big Car Debate

C.D. asks from Columbia

Hi everybody! We are having a pretty big argument in my house, and I would love your input. When my daughter got her drivers license she drove my car some, and then...


Infant Swim Suit?

S.G. asks from Philadelphia

We are going to Great Wolf Lodge this weekend. This is not our first time, but will be the first time with an infant (10 mos). And unfortunately we are only staying...