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Baby Sling Suggestions

C.S. asks from Minneapolis

I am looking for advice on baby slings. I have a three month old baby and would really like a good sling. I bought a jelly bean brand from Target and don't like it....


Shopping for a Good Baby Carrier

S.S. asks from Sacramento

I am about to have baby #2 and was told that a "must have" is a front carrier for the new baby. Since there are SOOO many choices out there I was looking for some adv...


Help with Infant Carrier!

H.B. asks from Evansville

Oka, with my first child I purchased the Evenflo Snugle Comfort Vent soft carrier. I carried him around in this all the time. Never any problems. My 4 month old is...


Need New Baby Sling for My 7Month Old

P.D. asks from New York

My hand-me-down sling started to rip and I am in the market for a new one. I used the sling with my first son until he was over a year and I can't live without one. ...


Looking into Getting an Ergo Carrier

J.L. asks from Roanoke

Hi everyone, I'm interested in purchasing an Ergo baby carrier for my 9 month old dd (she weighs about 19 lbs). We have a Baby Bjorn now, and really like it, but I ...


How Much Freedom Do I Give My 7 Year Old?

T.N. asks from Milwaukee

My daughter just turned 7 in June. We live in an apartment with no back yard. I just had a baby in January and me and my partner only have one car to share which usua...


Cell Phone for 9 Year Old.

L.C. asks from Dallas

I want to get a cell phone for my daughter for her 9th birthday. Any advice on which one to go with? I want something that has some type of parental control. So fa...


Side Sling or Wrap for 20+ Lbs 7Mo Old

J.A. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas, I am in the market for something to help me tote around my little guy who always seems to end up on my hip. The bjorn we have is ok, but I'm petite and ca...


Need Advice on a Good Baby Carrier for Older Babies

C.S. asks from Dallas

we are adopting a baby, and she's already 6 months old and 15 pounds. She probably won't be here until she's around 9 months old- so I need a convertable (wear on ba...


Double Stroller vs Snugli Type Carrier

A.T. asks from Colorado Springs

I am due to have my 4th child on July 3rd and am trying to figure out what form of "transportation" I want to use for the mall or park or walks etc. My youngest is g...