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Carrier or Sling for a New Born

S.R. asks from San Francisco

Just wondering what type of carrier or sling is recommend that anyone has used to carry a newborn. We have a Baby Bjorn but I know that the baby needs to be older wi...


Baby Carrier

M.B. asks from Orlando

I'm looking into baby carriers and so far I like the mammas and pappas morph. Has anyone used this one? Or suggest a similar one? Let me say I'm NOT looking for a sli...


Seeking Moms Who Used a Sling

A.M. asks from Minneapolis

I have asked several questions to this board and have received such great responses that I thought I would ask about the sling to get feedback from others that have t...


Sling or Backpack... What Would Work??

K.R. asks from Youngstown

Hey ladies, I'm preparing for our family vacation and wondering what to do with my little one. He is 19 months old and about 27 lbs, so he is quite a load to ...


Looking for Back/front Baby Carrier

M. asks from Chicago

My son is almost 8 months now and is outgrowing the baby bjorn. I'm trying to get some advice on another baby carrier that is comfortable and not too bulky. I'm pla...


Infant Carrier for Large Baby

A.R. asks from New York

My 6 1/2 month old son weighs 19lbs 7oz, and is fast outgrowing his infant car seat. My baby has an almost 3 yr old brother, and we go out a lot to playgrounds, hikin...


Seeking Recommendations for Backpack-type Carrier

S.M. asks from New York

Hi Moms- I've been using a Babybjorn front carrier for my daughter's first 8.5 months (which she LOVES!) and will eventually need to put her on my back. I'm looking...


Has Anyone Used the Sherpani Rumba Child Carrier?

M.R. asks from Los Angeles

We are looking to buy a good child carrier for hiking with our 15 month old daughter and any future children. We are considering the Sherpani Rumba (2007 model). Ha...


Conidering Buying a Baby Back Carrier and Not Sure What to Get

J.K. asks from Topeka

I have a wonderful, loving 11 month old little boy that is well over 26 pounds. He is cruising, but not yet walking. He's getting a lot of floor time and does a great...


Need Advice on Child Carrier Backpack for Toddler

C.S. asks from Orlando

Hi. I was hoping to get some advice/recommendations on a child carrier backpack for our 19 mo old son. We're going to be doing a lot of traveling this summer and wa...