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Coffee Stain on New Carpet!!

J.O. asks from Detroit

Help! On Saturday, my husband spilled a cup of coffee all over our new, light grey carpet. I tried treating it with Bissell's stain remover, but it didn't work and ...


Looking for a "Baby-friendly" Carpet Stain Remover

J.L. asks from Detroit

I have a few set in stains on my carpet in the living room. This area is pretty much a kid zone right now. My baby is gonna be crawling around in the next few month...


HELP! Gatorade Stain on Carpet

G.B. asks from Chicago

Mamas please help, we have a large orange Gatorade stain on our beige carpet. I have tried Resolve and Oxyclean and neither even faded it. Suggestions??? Thank you.


Cat Urine in Carpet

R.B. asks from Grand Rapids

Has anyone successfully used a certain product to get the cat pee smell from carpet and pad without replacing them? They are only a couple years old and I really don...


Stain on My Countertop!

C.H. asks from Detroit

I live in an apartment building, and there is a stain on the countertop, I need some advice to know if there is a way to get it out! What happened is that there was ...


Removal of Red Wine from Carpet

N.P. asks from Chicago

Help. Can anyone provide suggestions as to how to remove red wine stain from carpet? If you do, did you try it yourself and did it work? Right now we have salt ove...


Will a Rug Gripper Leave Marks on My Hardwood Floor?

P.K. asks from Detroit

I have medium colored hardwood floors with a high gloss finish. I have a large (8 x 10) area rug and the backing is kind of rough (Maybe jute? It's definitely not the...


How Do I Battle a Stubborn Spaghetti Stain!!

B.S. asks from Tampa

Hi moms. My stain treating arsenal is well stocked and I've tried everything to get a sauce stain off a shirt. I tried soaking in oxy clean and hot water overnight, a...


Carpet Fumes

A.F. asks from Detroit

Sorry if this posted more than once, I'm having internet issues... we are thinking of re-carpeting an area of our house for a play room for our boys. I read somet...


Need Help with Carpet Pet Stains

J.M. asks from Chicago

Help! My miniature schnauzer is getting so old he often relieves himself on my off white carpet. It is now off yellow all over from many "accidents". We try to tak...